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What You Need for a Bail Bond in Port Huron, Michigan

What you need to know for a bail bond in Port Huron includes facts about the arrest and where the person is being held.

Posted 6 years ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

If you are planning to work with a bail bondsman in order to get someone out of the St. Clair County jail, you are probably wondering what will be required of you. In addition to obtaining the basic information about the defendant’s arrest, there are several things you need for a bail bond in Port Huron.

Overall, keep in mind that obtaining a bail bond is not much different than securing a personal loan.

What You Need for a Bail Bond in Port Huron

If you cannot afford the full amount of bail to get someone out of jail, you can seek the help of a bail bond agent qualified to work in St. Clair County. Some of the facts you need to know and things you will need for a bail bond in Port Huron include the following.

1. Most bonding agencies will charge a nonrefundable fee for their services, which is usually about 10 to 20 percent of the bail amount.

2. Contact Detroit Bail Bonds of Port Huron for more information about what you need for a bail bond in Port Huron.Because you are basically obtaining a loan, you will need a decent credit score and credit history. A low credit score or risky credit history could mean that you will pay more. Following is the general breakdown of credit score rankings.

• Excellent: Above 750

• Good: 700 to 749

• Fair: 650 to 699

• Poor: 600 to 649

3. In order to speed up the process of getting your loved one out of jail, you should have some of the basic information, including:

• The person’s full name.

• The alleged crime.

• Where the person is being held and/or where the crime occurred.

• If it’s already available, how much the bail amount is expected to be. (In the case of misdemeanors or other common crimes, the bail bond amount could be predetermined. Otherwise, the bail amount will be set during a bail hearing or the arraignment, which must take place within 72 hours after the arrest.)

4. Some bail bondsmen will ask for additional collateral, such as an item of jewelry.

5. In order to protect themselves, some bondsmen will call the defendant and/or the cosigner to remind them about upcoming court dates. Some may even require the defendant to check in periodically at their office to make sure they haven’t skipped town.

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