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What the Phrase Posting Bail Means

What Posting Bail Means

Posted 6 years ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

People use the phrase “post bail” without actually knowing what it takes to make it happen. They also might use the words “bail” and “bond” interchangeably, when really they are two different things. Understanding what the phrase posting bail means requires knowledge about the bail bond process in general.

The Difference Between Bail and Bond and What Posting Bail Means

Simply put, bail refers to the amount of money that is required to get someone out of jail. A bond is the financial arrangement that will allow you to do so.

In other words, posting bail means simply handing over cash or a check in order to get yourself or someone else out of jail. If someone who was arrested doesn’t have the financial resources to pay the bail amount, he or she can ask a friend to obtain a bail bond on their behalf; a bail bond company would post the bond to get that person released.

In fact, a bond doesn’t only apply to getting out of jail. The word actually refers to a financial arrangement, so there are many different types of bonds.  A school district, for example, might obtain a bond for the expansion of a school building or some other large expense. The taxpayers, in turn, would be responsible for paying for it.

What Posting Bail Means

The word “posting” itself is often used to describe financial transactions, or more specifically, transferring an item between different accounts. For instance, when you pay for something by phone using your credit card, the automated system might tell you that the transaction will “post” to your account within a certain number of business days.

How a Bail Amount is Set

A bail amount is set by a judge, usually during a bond hearing or arraignment that should occur within 72 hours after an arrest. The amount that is set depends on a variety of factors, including:

  • the type of crime
  • the severity of the crime
  • if it is a repeat occurrence
  • the defendant’s history and reputation
  • the probability that the defendant will not return for upcoming hearings and trials

A bail bondsman cannot negotiate a lower bail bond amount on a defendant’s behalf.

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