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What is an Immigration Bond and How Does It Work?

Immigration law is very complicated. If someone you know is facing a deportation hearing or may receive an immigration bond, consult with an immigration attorney and bail bondsman.

Posted 5 years ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

While a defendant’s behavior is always a fundamental aspect of whether or not bail is granted, someone seeking an immigration bond has greater challenges.

If someone has been arrested for immigration purposes, bail will be needed before he or she can be released pending the court dates. While that’s typical in any case, whether or not an immigration bond is granted may reflect negatively or positively on future decisions about the individual’s immigration status.

If the individual is granted a “delivery bond,” it’s quite similar to a typical bail bond. Its purpose is to ensure that the individual attends deportation hearings. The arrestee also may be released from jail if he or she agrees to leave the country voluntarily, known as a “voluntary departure bond.”

One type of immigration bond allows a detainee to leave the country voluntarily. Shown here is the Blue Water Bridge, which connects Port Huron, Michigan to Sarnia, Ontario. The flags for both countries are shown side by side.Other factors about immigration bonds are similar to other types of bail bond arrangements.

U.S. Immigration & Customs Enforcement or an immigration judge will determine the bail bond amount based on several factors, including:

  • Whether or not the individual is a flight risk.
  • Whether or not the individual is a danger to self or others.
  • The defendant’s criminal history.
  • You can typically pay for an immigration bond with cash or surety.

You can typically pay for an immigration bond with cash or surety, and the release of the defendant on his or her own recognizance may be a possibility.

Similar repercussions may be possible if the individual does skip bail, such as:

  • Revoking of bail.
  • Loss of money that the cosigner invested.
  • Having a bounty hunter and other law enforcement officers out looking for the defendant.

Immigration law is very complicated, and it becomes even more challenging when bail issues are involved. For that reason, defendants should consult one-on-one with a qualified immigration attorney and a bail bond agent.


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