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What is a Bail Bond Surrender?

If you have been arrested, understanding common bail bond terms will be helpful.

Posted 7 years ago by Jim Titus

We’ve discussed bail, bail bonds, how bail amounts are determined, bail exoneration and much more on our blogs. But at least one concept still needs to be explained: What is a bail bond surrender? Here’s a general explanation.

What is a Bail Bond Surrender?

As stated on the Legal Beagle website, after hiring a bail bond company, if a co-signer has second thoughts about the financial risks, the co-signer can start the process of surrendering the bail bond. This will include all expenses up to that point, plus the expenses incurred in the course of returning the person to jail. In order to do so, the defendant must not have missed any court dates.

Fees paid to the bail bond agency for its services will not be reimbursed.

What is a Bail Bond Surrender

One of the main reasons someone might want to cancel a bail bond would be if they are worried about being obligated to pay the debt if the person who was released from jail does not appear in court.

To initiate a bail bond surrender, the co-signer must meet with the bail bond company. This discussion will include telling the agent where the defendant can be found. That way, the bail bond company can start the process of returning the person to prison.

The bail bond company also may choose to cancel the bond, such as when the person who was released is accused of more serious crimes.

Canceling a bail bond, which would mean sending the person back to jail, is a serious decision to make. It has several possible repercussions. Therefore, all the possible consequences should be considered carefully and completely.

Nevertheless, you’ll probably feel better knowing there is a way out of the deal if you are uncomfortable.

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If you need more information that will help you answer the “what is a bail bond surrender” question in your specific case, feel free to reach out to us day or night. The bail bond process can be complicated, and throwing the concept of a bail bond surrender into the mix doesn’t make it any easier.

We are here to help explain the process to you and can help ease your mind. We have plenty of experience in Macomb, Oakland, Wayne and St. Clair counties that can be applied in order to answer questions in your particular case. You can contact us through our Detroit Bail Bonds website or by phone at 313-244-0669.

What is a Bail Bond Surrender


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