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What Does a Bailiff Do?

What does a bailiff do? What is required to become a bailiff? One of the job duties is to provide documents to the judge.

Posted 5 years ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

You know most court cases involve judges, lawyers, defendants, court reporters, and juries. There’s one person in the courtroom, however, who may not get quite so much attention: the bailiff. You’ve probably heard the word before, sure. But you may now be wondering, “What is a bailiff, what does a bailiff do, and what are the requirements to become a bailiff?”

Whether you’re thinking of a career in law enforcement or are simply now curious, read on to learn more about this position.

What is a Bailiff, and What Does a Bailiff Do?

What is a bailiff and what does a bailiff do?Bailiffs are law enforcement officers who are responsible for maintaining structure and order in a courtroom. They’re employed by local, state, and federal courts.

Some of their duties often include:

  • Announcing the judge’s entrance into the courtroom
  • Escorting jurors in and out of the courtroom
  • Interacting with defendants
  • Delivering documents
  • Assisting the general public in the courtroom
  • Guarding the jury
  • Helping the judge as necessary, such as by providing necessary supplies

A high school diploma may be sufficient for a career as a bailiff, but many employers may prefer applicants with a degree in criminal justice, law enforcement, or a related field. Some courts may require special training as a prerequisite.

In order to be hired, bailiffs may also be asked to take and pass a civil service exam, drug screening, and physical endurance test. A background check could also be completed.

Additional on-the-job training will prepare the applicant for the position. Some courts may even require graduation from a police academy for a full-time position with the court.

Bailiffs are often required to complete classes in first aid, firearms training, self-defense, and threat neutralization, especially as one of their duties may be to arrest individuals who commit a crime or who otherwise behave improperly during a court proceeding.

Obtaining a Court Position

If you are interested in a career for a Michigan court, visit the Michigan One Court of Justice website for a listing of open positions. You may also browse the website for additional information about the various job requirements.

See the Detroit Bail Bonds of Port Huron blog page for more information about the bail bond process, court procedures, and basic legal matters.


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