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Personal Recognizance Bond: One of Several Types of Bonds in Port Huron, Michigan

Posted 5 years ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

There are certainly many reasons to stay out of trouble, but here’s another: If you do find yourself in a bind, you’re more likely to get the benefit of the doubt. A personal recognizance bond is one of several types of bonds you may receive in Port Huron, and likely the best option. Before agreeing […]

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Factors for Release on Personal Recognizance: What the Judge Could Consider

Posted 7 years ago by Jim Titus

We’ve discussed the types of bonds in Michigan in many of our past blogs. We’ve also touched on the idea of being released on personal recognizance. But what is that, really? And what factors for release on personal recognizance might a judge consider? Here’s a general overview about how that works. What Does Personal Recognizance […]

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