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St. Clair County News: Recreational marijuana use approval continues to draw discussion

Recreational marijuana use is still drawing discussion in St. Clair County. The city of St. Clair has prohibited marijuana sales, and Marysville will wait and see before deciding.

Posted 6 years ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

St. Clair City Council prohibits recreational marijuana establishments

When Michigan voters approved a proposal in November to allow recreational marijuana use, it was made clear that individual cities and townships could make their own rules.

The city of St. Clair recently took advantage of that authority by amending its code of ordinances to prohibit recreational marijuana establishments within the city. The City Council approved the amendment on Dec. 3.

More than half of the city of St. Clair’s voters voted “yes” to the recreational marijuana proposal in November.

Statewide, the tally was 2.3 million “yes” votes to 1.85 million rejections. In St. Clair County overall, more than 36,000 residents voted for the proposal while 31,479 voted against it.

As a result of the amendment, the city of St. Clair will not be able to share in the tax revenue generated by sales.

Marysville opts to wait and see

Although the city of St. Clair will prohibit recreational marijuana establishments within the city, Marysville city leaders did not make a decision one way or the other.

More than 51 percent of Marysville’s voters rejected the proposal in November, and several Michigan communities have made moves to prohibit the sales of marijuana.

Communities may prohibit growing and selling marijuana, but they cannot prohibit personal possession and use.

Before voters approved the proposal, many Michigan law enforcement officers said crime could increase if the proposal were to pass. Now that it has, they continue to voice these concerns.

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