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Personal Recognizance Bond: One of Several Types of Bonds in Port Huron, Michigan

A personal recognizance bond may be granted for minor crimes in Port Huron, Michigan.

Posted 5 years ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

There are certainly many reasons to stay out of trouble, but here’s another: If you do find yourself in a bind, you’re more likely to get the benefit of the doubt. A personal recognizance bond is one of several types of bonds you may receive in Port Huron, and likely the best option.

Before agreeing to let you go on your own recognizance, the judge will probably consider several factors. Here’s a breakdown of how it all works.

What a Personal Recognizance Bond Is

A personal recognizance bond is one of several types of bonds in Port Huron, Michigan.Personal recognizance is an agreement with the court that a defendant can be released from jail without paying a formal bond, although he or she may have to pay some associated fees. The word “recognizance” is defined as an obligation to do something – in this case returning to court for hearings.

Even in the case of a personal recognizance bond, the judge may impose certain conditions, such as forbidding the defendant from having contact with a particular individual.

When deciding whether or not to agree to let someone go on his or her own recognizance, a judge may consider:

  • The type and severity of the crime
  • The individual’s ties to the community, which could work for or against the defendant
  • The defendant’s criminal history and present reputation
  • Whether the defendant could unjustly lose a job while he or she is in jail awaiting court dates

Other Types of Bonds

Being released on your own recognizance is ideal, but that’s usually only granted for very minor crimes and/or for individuals with a clean history. In reality, you are likely to be given one of a few other types of bonds:

  • Cash bond, where the entire bond amount is paid in full. With this option, as long as the defendant arrives for all court appearances, the money will be returned upon the closure of the case regardless of the outcome.
  • Ten percent bond, where 10 percent of the bond amount can be accepted as bail and going through a surety is an option. You can still get your money back at the closure of the case, less the fee to the bail bond agency and court fees.
  • Cash or Surety/No 10%, where you have the option of using a bail bond agent and will be charged 10% of the full bail amount. This fee to the bail bond agency is nonrefundable, but otherwise you should be able to get your money back at the closure of the case as long as the defendant appears for scheduled hearings.

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