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What you Need to Know about Macomb County Bail Bond Services

Macomb County Bail Bond Services

Posted 7 years ago by Jim Titus

Macomb County is different from one area to the next. In some communities, the neighborhoods and the houses are small, quaint and more traditional. In other areas, you will see what look like little mansions, and then two miles away you might find farmland. But one thing is consistent: Detroit Bail Bonds. If you happen to need Macomb County bail bond services, we can serve any of these areas. First, here is some of what you need to know if a friend or loved one needs help getting out of jail.

Facts about Macomb County Bail Bond Services

If someone you know has been arrested, you probably have many questions. Here are some of the basics regarding Macomb County bail bond services.

∙ The Macomb County Sheriff’s Office is responsible for overseeing several of the smaller cities, townships and villages. However, the larger cities have their own police departments.

∙ If you have been arrested, the first place you will most likely be taken is to the local police station, depending on where the alleged crime occurred.

∙ You must be arraigned within 72 hours of the arrest.

∙ Most people are granted bail until their hearing dates. In Michigan, you generally receive one of the following bail types: personal recognizance; cash bond only; 10% bond; or cash or surety/no 10% bond. Exceptions to the rule depend on things including the alleged crimes and concerns about the possibility of the defendants not returning for their hearings.

∙ Bail amounts could be predetermined for some more common crimes and misdemeanors. Otherwise, the judge will set the bail amount at a bail hearing or the arraignment.

∙ Bail bond amounts are based on factors including:

– The seriousness of the offense.

– The protection of the public.

– The previous criminal record and dangerousness of the person accused.

– The probability or improbability of the person accused appearing at the trial.

∙ A preliminary examination of the evidence against the defendant is held within about two weeks after the arraignment. Many times, the preliminary examination is waived, which means the case is bound over to the circuit court.

The Macomb County Circuit Court, or the 16th Judicial Circuit Court, is located at 40 N. Main St. in Mount Clemens. The main phone number is 586-469-5208.

The judges are James Biernat Jr., Matthew Switalski, Richard Caretti, Tracey Yokich, Joseph Toia, Mark Switalski, Edward Servitto, Diane Druzinski, Kathryn Viviano, Jennifer Faunce, James Maceroni, Carl Marlinga, Rachel Rancilio and Michael Servitto.

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We know you have specific questions about how to get your loved one out of jail in Macomb County. You may contact us through our Detroit Bail Bonds website, by email at, or by phone at 855-313-BAIL. We can be reached 24 hours, 7 days a week. We will be happy to answer them.

Macomb County Bail Bond Services

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