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Will I Get My Bail Bond Money Back?

Whether or not you will get your bail bond money back after helping someone get out of jail in Port Huron is a question you may have. Contact one of our Port Huron area bail bond agents for the answers.

Posted 6 years ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

If someone has asked you to help pay bail for them to get out of jail, one of the many questions you probably have is whether or not you will get your bail bond money back. The answer depends on a variety of factors, but most often, you will get that bail money back.

Getting Your Bail Bond Money Back: How Various Scenarios Work

1. You pay in cash, and the defendant follows all the rules.As long as the defendant appears in court, you should be able to get all or most of your bail bond money back.

If you pay the entire amount of someone’s bail in cash, you will get the full amount of your bail bond money back at the conclusion of the case, regardless of the verdict.

2. You need the assistance of a Port Huron area bail bondsman.

If you can’t afford the full bail amount, you can seek the help of a bail bondsman in Port Huron or the surrounding area of St. Clair County. It’s an important option that ensures that the defendant’s rights to due process and to fair treatment are upheld. When you work with a bail bond agent, you will pay a fee for the services. The bail bond agency will then pay to get the defendant out of jail until the possible sentencing. At the conclusion of the trial, the bail bond agency will get its money back, but the fee for the bail bondsman’s services will not be returned to you.

3. The defendant skips bail.

As the cosigner of the bond, you are responsible for the defendant’s actions. The bond agreement is basically a promise from you to the court that the defendant will return for hearings and trials. If the defendant does not show up for required court appearances, you will be liable for the full bail amount, and a bounty hunter may start looking for the defendant. The same is true whether you paid the bail alone or sought the help of a bond agent.

Obtaining a Bail Bond in St. Clair County

A bail bond is similar to any other financial arrangement. As long as you are eligible for it and make payments according to the agreement, you should be able to help your loved one get out of jail.

For more information about the bail bond process, how it would impact your credit, or to speak with one of our Port Huron area bail bondsmen, see our website or call us at (810) 605-5555.


Will I get my bail bond money back? If someone has been arrested in Port Huron or anywhere in St. Clair County, that should be one of the first questions you ask our Port Huron bail bondsman.

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