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Around Wayne County: Detroit Jail and Crime News

Detroit Jail

Posted 7 years ago by Jim Titus

Officials Announce Lowest Homicide Rate in 50 Years

Every category of major crime in Detroit has seen significant reductions over the past two years, partially as a result of several initiatives that were implemented, according to local leaders.

Detroit, Wayne County, and state officials announced the numbers on Jan. 4. According to a press release:

• Total violent crimes are down 12 percent.

• Total property offenses, including car theft and burglary, are down 13 percent.

• Homicides are down 9 percent.

• Non-fatal shootings are down 19 percent.

• Carjackings are down 41 percent.

The city had 267 criminal homicides last year, the lowest number in 51 years.  The last time Detroit saw fewer homicides was 1966, when it recorded 214.

Detroit Jail

Officials credit the change to the Project Green Light and the Ceasefire Detroit initiatives, as well as to better technology and the hiring of 500 new police officers.

Ceasefire Detroit is a comprehensive strategy to stop gun violence perpetrated by gangs and other groups. Project Green Light is a crime-fighting partnership between local businesses, the city, and community groups.

Detroit Jail Project Scrapped as Negotiations Progress for New Center

After six years in the works, Wayne County officials announced in December that the proposed new Detroit jail on Gratiot Avenue will not be completed.

Known as the “failed jail,” the building was partially constructed in the Greektown area. The project, which began in 2011, has been stalled since 2013 as a result of cost overruns that brought the cost of the project up to double the amount that was first anticipated.

Wayne County Executive Warren C. Evans said in a press release that the project had “too much inherent risk for the county at too high a price.”

Instead, Rock Ventures aims to build a more expansive criminal justice complex in the area of I-75 and Warren Avenue. The site in the booming Greektown area is expected to become a mixed-use development.

The Greektown site possibly could be home to a 25,000-seat soccer stadium, a hotel, stores, and residences. If this occurs, the soccer stadium would be located near Detroit’s other major sports venues: Little Caesar’s Arena, Comerica Park, and Ford Field.

“We’re negotiating a deal with Rock that caps the county’s costs and creates the best solution available to our jail problem,” he said in the release.

As of December, the projects were still pending, however, and were to be reviewed by a variety of boards and entities.

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Detroit Jail

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