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Basic Facts about Bounty Hunters

Bounty hunters have the right to go after individuals who skip bail in Michigan.

Posted 6 years ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

It’s never easy to think about someone you love being arrested. That is why Detroit Bail Bonds of Port Huron, Michigan is here to make sure you are protected throughout the bail process. Yet there are times when people get frustrated or just want to give up, so they think about running away. Not showing up for court is never a good idea. In addition to the authorities looking for you, bail bond agencies have the right to have bounty hunters go after you as well if you do skip out, and they will definitely take steps to see that their money that was put up for bond is protected.

What is a Bounty Hunter?

Bounty hunters have the right to go after you if you skip bail in Michigan.Simply put, a bounty hunter is a person who is licensed and hired by a bail bondsman to find and bring back an arrestee who has not shown up for his/her court dates. Bounty hunters are paid a percentage of the amount of outstanding bail if they can find the person and bring them back for trial.

Bounty hunters are acceptable in every state except Oregon, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Illinois. Bounty hunters have different levels of authority when performing their duties. Depending on a state’s laws, a hunter can enter the residence of the person they are seeking, without proper warrants, in order to bring them back for trial.

Bounty hunters are legal, but the local laws of each state dictate what bounty hunters can or cannot do in finding the person they are looking for. Most times a warrant is not required for them to enter a person’s private property unannounced, Miranda rights are not required, and all they really need is a copy of the bond from the court to prove their actions.

Today’s Bounty Hunters

Depending on state laws, most bounty hunters are both trained and licensed. They have to be resourceful, intelligent, and sometimes cunning in order to stay one step ahead of the bail jumper. Under Michigan law, a bounty hunter does not need to be licensed and can also ask for assistance from the sheriff, police officers, or other law enforcement personnel in performing his duties. Bounty hunters in Michigan must be well-informed about state regulations, physically fit and coordinated, and have an understanding of how to apprehend bail fugitives. has some great information on how to become a bounty hunter in Michigan.

So, even though getting arrested can be stressful and being afraid is natural, running away is not, as it only makes matters worse. Detroit Bail Bonds of Port Huron is here to assist you. We are available 24/7 and are ready to answer your questions.  Call us now at (810) 605-5555. You can also contact us through our website:


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