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Guide to Bail Bonds: Macomb County, Michigan

Bail Bonds Macomb County

Posted 8 years ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

Wherever you are, you should find an agency that knows the laws and how they pertain to your case and community when you are looking for bail bonds. Macomb county is no different.

Macomb County is unique in many ways. While some communities within the county are among the largest and busiest in metropolitan Detroit, others maintain a rural atmosphere with a small town feel. Furthermore, cities, townships and villages can be found in Macomb County, all of which have different forms of government and law enforcement. 

Bail Bond Basics

A bail bond is defined as a “written promise signed by a defendant or a surety (one who promises to act in place of another) to pay an amount fixed by a court should the defendant named in the document fail to appear in court for the designated criminal proceeding at the date and time specified.”

Most defendants are financially unable to post their own bail, so they seek help from a bail agent, who, for a fee of about 10 to 20 percent on average, posts bail.

There are different types of bonds, depending on factors including the severity of the case and the jurisdiction. They include unsecured bonds, surety bonds, cash bonds, secured bonds, federal bonds and immigration bonds.

Guide to Bail Bonds: Macomb County, Michigan

When looking for bail bonds in Macomb County, an agency that knows the area well will know the best ways to assist you. The best Macomb County bail bonds agency would ideally come from a locally owned and operated bail bond agency that knows Macomb County’s individual communities and the structure of their legal systems.

Macomb County consists of 27 cities, townships and villages, including three of the top ten most populated cities in Michigan as of the 2010 census: Warren (Number 3), Sterling Heights (Number 4) and Clinton Township (Number 10).

City of Warren

The population of Warren is about 134,000, making it the largest city in Macomb County, the third largest city in Michigan, and metropolitan Detroit’s largest suburb.

It is home to the 37th District Court of Macomb County, located at 8300 Common Road. The court oversees the communities of Warren and nearby Center Line, where the courthouse is located at 7070 E. 10 Mile Road.

Judges John Chmura, Suzanne Faunce, Michael Chupa and Matthew Sabaugh oversee the cases.

City of Sterling Heights

With about 130,000 residents, Sterling Heights is the fourth most populated city in Michigan. It is virtually always bustling with traffic due to its many homes, manufacturing headquarters, shopping centers, small businesses, and proximity to the city of Detroit.

The 41-A District Court of Macomb County represents several communities, including Sterling Heights. The Sterling Heights location is 40111 Dodge Park Road. Judges Michael Maceroni, Stephen Sierawski and Kimberly Wiegand oversee the proceedings.

The 41-A District Court also represents Macomb Township, Shelby Township and the city of Utica. Judge Douglas Shepherd oversees the location at 51660 Van Dyke in Shelby Township.

Charter Township of Clinton

Clinton Township is one of the most diverse of the communities in Macomb County. It consists of outstanding shopping centers like Partridge Creek, which brings in people from throughout metropolitan Detroit, to quieter, calmer industrial areas. About 97,000 people live in the township.

It is represented by the 41-B District Court, which also covers the Macomb County communities of Mount Clemens and Harrison Township. It is located at 22380 Starks Drive in Clinton Township.

Judges Linda Davis, Sebastian Lucido, and Carrie Lynn Fuca oversee the proceedings at the courthouse.

Macomb County Circuit Court

The Macomb County Circuit Court is located at 40 N. Main Street in Mount Clemens, known as the county seat.

James Biernat and Matthew Switalski, chief judges; Richard Caretti and Tracey Yokich, presiding judges; James Biernat Sr., visiting judge; and Judges Mary Chrzanowski, Mark Switalski, Edward Servitto Jr., Diane Druzinski, Kathryn Viviano, Jennifer Faunce, James Maceroni, Kathryn George and Joseph Toia oversee the proceedings at the court.

Additional Macomb County Communities

Several other courthouses represent the other communities in Macomb County, some of which are shared with Wayne or St. Clair counties.

Additional Macomb County cities are: Eastpointe, Fraser, Grosse Pointe Shores (partial), Memphis (partial), New Baltimore, Richmond (partial), Roseville, and St. Clair Shores.

Also included in the county are the villages of Romeo, Armada and New Haven and the townships of Armada, Bruce, Chesterfield, Lenox, Ray, Richmond and Washington.

Other courthouses in Macomb County include the 42nd District Court in Romeo, the 38th District Court in Eastpointe, 39-A District Court in Roseville, 39-B District Court in Fraser, and the 40th District Court in St. Clair Shores.

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