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Facts You Should Know if You Need a Bail Bond in Fort Gratiot, Michigan

If you need bail bonds in Fort Gratiot, Michigan, Detroit Bail Bonds of Port Huron can help. This is an image of handcuffed hands.

Posted 2 years ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

St. Clair County is a relatively safe area in Michigan, but a few communities in this county have a crime rate that is slightly higher than average. One is Port Huron. Another is Fort Gratiot Township. 

As bail bondsmen in Port Huron, we have had many years of experience in the Fort Gratiot community. If you need a bail bond in Fort Gratiot, we are here to help. But the more information you can obtain ahead of time, the faster we can process your bond.

Information that would help us get your loved one of a St. Clair County sooner includes:

  • The name of the individual who was arrested
  • If the alleged crime did not occur in Fort Gratiot, the location of the incident
  • Where your friend is currently
  • When he or she was arrested, as this may make a difference in where your friend is being held at the moment
  • The type of crime that occurred
  • The bail amount, if available, which is possible if the alleged crime was a common misdemeanor or low-level felony.  Bail amounts for other cases would be stated during a court arraignment that takes place within three days of the arrest.

If you can’t obtain this information and need a bail bond in Fort Gratiot, we can help. However, let us point you in the right direction in the meantime.

Port Huron Jails

The Port Huron Police Department has more than 60 officers. Individuals recently arrested in Fort Gratiot, which is about six miles away from Port Huron, may be in the Port Huron City Jail awaiting their release or arraignment date. The jail is located at 100 McMorran Boulevard. The Port Huron Police Department’s phone number is 810-984-8415.

The St. Clair County Jail is located at 1170 Michigan Road in Port Huron. The phone number is  810-987-1700.

Port Huron Courts

After the arraignment, the individual who was arrested would face a preliminary examination of the evidence against him or her. The preliminary examination is held within 14 days of the arrest and would take place through the St. Clair County District Court. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of these cases are being held by video.

The district court, formally the 72nd District Court, is located at 201 McMorran Boulevard in Port Huron. The phone number for traffic and criminal cases is 810-985-2076.

In a great number of felony cases, a preliminary examination is waived, allowing the case to proceed directly to the circuit court. The St. Clair County Circuit Court, or the 31st Circuit Court, also is located at 201 McMorran Boulevard. The administration phone number is 810-985-2031.

If you need further assistance prior to obtaining a bail bond in Fort Gratiot or elsewhere in the Port Huron area, contact us at Detroit Bail Bonds of Port Huron. We can be reached at 810-605-5555 or by email at


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