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What to Expect During an Arraignment at the Port Huron District Court

If you are waiting for an arraignment at the Port Huron District Court, prepare for a video arraignment as well as the following factors.

Posted 2 years ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

If someone you know has been arrested in Port Huron or elsewhere in St. Clair County, you may be facing a long and difficult road ahead. Bail bonds exist to at least make the first days easier on the defendant and his or her family, but the next steps will determine the defendant’s future.

After someone is first arrested and booked, he or she can be released on a predetermined bail amount. Otherwise, the arrestee will have to stay in jail until the arraignment, when the bail conditions will be set by a judge. The arraignment must be held within 72 hours after the arrest.

What You can Expect to Happen during an Arraignment at the Port Huron Court

The 72nd District Court, known as the Port Huron District Court, is located at 201 McMorran Boulevard in Port Huron. It handles traffic violations, criminal matters, civil cases, and small claims matters. The judges are John Monaghan and Mona Armstrong.

Historically, arraignments would be held in person before a judge, with only some arraignments held by video if they happened to fall on the weekends. During this COVID-19 era, courts are making concerted efforts to handle as many matters as possible remotely, and arraignments are a relatively easy way to keep people out of the courthouse building. So if you are or someone you know is waiting for an arraignment, prepare for both possibilities – an in-person or remote hearing – but you can expect it to be held remotely.

The arraignment itself is a relatively quick and easy hearing. You will appear before the judge, with or without your attorney, and the charges against you will be formally and clearly stated for the record. At this time, you will also state whether you are pleading guilty or not guilty.

In addition to the official charges against you, you can expect to hear the following:

  • The date of your preliminary examination, which should be held within three weeks
  • The amount of your bail and whether or not surety will be accepted
  • Any other conditions of bail

Bail Bond Possibilities

There are several different types of bail bonds. They include a cash bond; a cash or surety bond/a percentage of the full bond amount; and a personal recognizance bond, wherein the defendant is released without a financial bond requirement. 

The judge will decide which one will apply in each case depending on various factors, including:

  • The alleged crime and its severity
  • How much of a flight risk exists
  • If someone would be in danger if the individual is released

Contacting a Bail Bondsman in St. Clair County

If you need or someone you know needs a bail bond, it’s important to find a bail bondsman who has experience with the Port Huron District Court. An experienced bail bondsman will more easily be able to navigate through the St. Clair County court system, which may mean more efficient results.

For more information about arraignments at the Port Huron District Court as they relate to the bail bond process, call us at 313-244-0669. We will answer any questions we can as soon as possible.

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