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8 Fun Facts about Port Huron, Michigan

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Posted 7 years ago by Jim Titus

Whether you live near or far, there are probably many facts about Port Huron that are new to you. If you’ve been to this area of Michigan, you probably found it fascinating. If you’ve never been here, well maybe you should consider visiting. Here’s a little glimpse of this waterfront community.

Facts about Port Huron

 1. It’s located at the beginning of Michigan’s famous Thumb.

Port Huron is located in St. Clair County near the curve of Michigan’s Thumb. You can use M-25 to drive around the Thumb, and it will be a relatively calm, peaceful drive. Be sure to take in the views of Lake Huron and the Saginaw Bay, stop by an apple orchard or two, and admire the beautiful farmland. At the tip of the thumb you will find Port Austin. Don’t forget to explore the lighthouses, including the Fort Gratiot Lighthouse in Port Huron and the Port Austin Light.

Fun Facts about Port Huron

2. It’s a bridge-length away from Canada.

According to the Michigan Department of Transportation, the Blue Water Bridge spans the St. Clair River and carries international traffic between Port Huron, Michigan and Point Edward and Sarnia, Ontario.

It is 6,178 feet long. In case you were wondering what that means, in comparison, the Ambassador Bridge from Detroit to Canada is 7,500 feet long, while the “Mighty Mac” Mackinac Bridge connecting Michigan’s upper and lower peninsulas is 26,372 feet long.

3. It has a rich history.

The United States established Fort Gratiot at the base of Lake Huron in 1814 following the War of 1812, and Port Huron became incorporated in 1857. Signs of its rich history can be found all over the area, especially through its museums and historic landmarks.

4. The city of Port Huron has about 29,000 residents.

The city is about 12 square miles. The median household income in 2015 was about $35,000.

5. The current mayor is Pauline Repp.

The city of Port Huron’s government consists of a mayor and six council members: Sherry Archibald, Anita Ashford, Ken Harris, Rico Ruiz, Terri Lamb, and Scott Worden.

6. Beautiful beaches and parks can be found here.

According to the city’s website, the city of Port Huron owns and operates 17 waterfront areas containing 102 acres and 3 1/2 miles of water frontage. This includes two public beaches and six parks with picnic facilities. The city has nine scenic turnout sites. Port Huron operates the largest municipal marina system in the state and has five separate locations for boat mooring.

Facts about Port Huron, Michigan

7. Thomas Edison was here!

Thomas Edison worked at the “Thomas Edison Depot” from 1859 to 1863 as a “news butcher,” pedaling newspapers and candy to passengers riding the train. A waterfront walk and historic buildings with a view of the Blue Water Bridge all come together at this site.

And One of the Additional Facts about Port Huron …

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By the way, have you ever seen Port Huron in the winter? It’s beautiful here and a great time for a visit!

Facts about Port Huron, Michigan

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