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4 Qualities of a Top Bail Bondsman in Detroit

Posted 8 years ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

Ideally, no one would need to use the words “prison,” “jail,” or “bail” … ever. But this is reality.

If ever there is a time you do need to utter those words, you want someone you can trust to help you and answer some of the many questions you have, including those regarding bail.

Qualities of a top bail bondsman in Detroit include knowledge, pricing, trustworthiness and accessibility.

But first, it might be wise to arm yourself with background information.

Bail Bond Basics

When someone is arrested, that person will be taken by law enforcement agents to jail for booking, as stated on the Bail Bond Information Center website.

“During this process, the person will have a mug shot taken, he or she will be fingerprinted, and asked for a statement. While awaiting his or her day in court, the individual will be held in jail unless he or she is released on bail,” according to the website.

Bail is a financial arrangement that a bail bonding agency will make on behalf of the person who was arrested. A bond is a surety that the full bail amount will be paid, but some courts will accept either the full bond or a 10 percent cash down payment for the release of a suspect.

The bail bond may vary from individual to individual depending on the severity of the crime, the personal history of the offender, his mental condition, prior convictions and, most importantly, his risk of flight, according to our Guide to the Bail Bond Process.

When a bail bondsman, working with a bail bonding agency, puts up a fee for the release of a suspect on bail, the bondsman charges a fee of usually about 10 percent of the amount of money that is required to pay the bail.

The individual may post the bond himself or through money from family and friends, or he can choose to go the route of a bail bondsman.

Qualities of a top bail bondsman in Detroit

1. Knowledge

A top bail bondsman in Detroit would need to know the laws in the specific metropolitan Detroit community where the defendant was arrested. The individual communities could have different local ordinances on the books, leading to varying charges and bail amounts.

Individuals who work with Detroit Bail Bonds, for example, are broken down into specific communities. Every case is unique, and every client is treated with care. Because they are locally owned and operated, they have years of experience in each community, according to Detroit Bail Bonds website.

2. Trustworthiness

In Wayne, Oakland and Macomb counties, there is a lot of competition. A good way to determine a top bail bondsman in Detroit who is trusted in the community would be through word of mouth.

According to the annual crimes listing on, there were nearly 418,500 crimes committed in Michigan in 2014. These crimes vary greatly, from homicide to bribery to “Peeping Tom” incidents.

A top bail bondsman should be knowledgeable about the general, standard bail amounts for crimes in their jurisdictions. The more knowledgeable the bail bondsman is, the more you can rely on his assistance.

3. Options & pricing

If the person who is arrested decides to hire a bail bond company, the bail bond company will agree to pay his bond amount to the court in full with an additional fee chargeable to the individual. This fee is for the risk that the company takes for giving him the bond amount as loan and is non-refundable. The bail bond company may also ask for a collateral that covers the loan amount.

Once the case is decided, if the accused has attended all the hearings, his bail amount will be returned to him along with his collateral. In case the accused fails to appear in the court, the collateral will be forfeited by the bail bond company.

There are different types of bonds, depending on factors including the severity of the case and the jurisdiction.

  • Unsecured Bond

The accused gives the court a written guarantee that he will furnish the bail amount in case he does not appear for the trial hearings. There is no amount paid upfront as bond here.

  • Surety Bond

The bail amount is posted by the bail bond company after an agreement is reached between the accused and the company. Here the liability of ensuring that the accused attends the hearings lies with the bond company and they charge a service fee and a collateral for the bond amount from the accused.

  • Cash Bond

The bail amount is paid in cash, through check, or through credit card either by the accused or by someone on behalf of the accused. It is paid directly to the court.

  • Secured Bond

Also called the property bend, this bail bond is paid in terms of property which is generally of twice the value of the bail bond. The court collects the property papers and can foreclose the property in case the offender fails to appear for the trial hearings. The property could belong to the accused or to someone acting on his behalf.

  • Federal Bond

Such type is issued in case the crime is of federal nature. Here the surety of an insurance company is a must and the insurance company charges a higher processing fee as compared to a bail bond company.

  • Immigration Bond

In special cases, where an individual is detained by the immigration department, such bonds are posted.

4. Accessibility

No one wants to spend time in jail, and definitely not more time than necessary. For that reason, a top bail bondsman would need to be accessible when you need them.

Our team of top bail bondsman at Detroit Bail Bonds are available 24 hours a day every day of the week.

A trusted attorney would need to be contacted as well. A variety of resources are available online to direct you to the attorney ideal for your circumstances and location.

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