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Facts You Should Know if You Need a Bail Bond in Fort Gratiot, Michigan

Posted 8 months ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

St. Clair County is a relatively safe area in Michigan, but a few communities in this county have a crime rate that is slightly higher than average. One is Port Huron. Another is Fort Gratiot Township.  As bail bondsmen in Port Huron, we have had many years of experience in the Fort Gratiot community. If […]

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Top Qualities to Look for in a Bail Bondsman in Algonac

Posted 9 months ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

Some communities in the Port Huron area are bedroom towns. Some areas are rural, and others are bustling. Algonac is a little of everything, not to mention being on the beautiful St. Clair River. For these reasons, understanding how the legal system works in Algonac and St. Clair County in general isn’t always easy. If […]

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What are Low-Level Felonies in Michigan?

Posted 10 months ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

In Michigan, low-level felonies are a class of crimes with lesser punishments than more serious felonies. Crimes are categorized in classes, with Class A felonies (including murder and kidnapping) being the most serious, followed by Class B felonies (including arson and child abuse) and so on. Sometimes considered high-court misdemeanors, low-level felonies are Class G […]

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What to Expect During an Arraignment at the Port Huron District Court

Posted 11 months ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

If someone you know has been arrested in Port Huron or elsewhere in St. Clair County, you may be facing a long and difficult road ahead. Bail bonds exist to at least make the first days easier on the defendant and his or her family, but the next steps will determine the defendant’s future. After […]

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Myths and Facts about Bail Bonds in Port Huron, Michigan

Posted 12 months ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

There are a whole lot of misconceptions out there about the bail bond process. It’s important to know the facts about bail bonds in Port Huron in order to ensure you don’t spin your wheels needlessly. At the same time, you should do your due diligence to find the right bondsman for you. As you […]

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Bail Bonds in St. Clair County for Drug Offenses

Posted 1 year ago by Detroit Bail Bonds

St. Clair County is definitely beautiful and tranquil, but it’s historically been considered a High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area. For that reason, individuals who need bail bonds in St. Clair County for drug offenses should be aware of rights and challenges in this regard. What is a High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Area? The High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas […]

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